Technical Architecture Model

Let me give you an overview of the architecture and the components of the Integration Framework for SMEs (aka B1i). Continue reading

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RSP Reporting System, powered by B1if

In early November of last year, SAP had just released Remote Support Platform 2.4 for SAP Business One to the public. One of the new components we delivered was RSP Studio, a simple tool that enables partners to prepare and manage tasks. Continue reading

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B1if Help

Till now I received a lot of questions regarding B1i development as comments to my articles and I really want to thank you for so many interest. Unfortunately I do not scale anymore. Therefore we introduced now the link B1i Forum directly in the B1if administration console. Continue reading

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Integration Packages

Since August 1st SAP newly introduced integration packages for SAP Business One to support our partners. Continue reading

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Web Services in B1if

With the version 1.5.4 B1if provides the Web Service Atom. It allows you to create a web service call in the processing flow just based on its WSDL.

The Web Services Description Language (WSDL, pronounced ‘wiz-del’) is an XML-based language that provides a model for describing Web services. Continue reading

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The Solution Directory

SAP’s strategy in Small Business is to evolve SAP Business One from a Business Application to a Business Platform. Therefore it’s one of the main goals to provide a Store to allow SAP and all partners to bring added-value solutions around SAP Business One to market. Continue reading

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Connectivity via Calls

The task of B1if is to allow the customer’s SAP B1 system to collaborate with all the different touch points in his landscape. In the today landscape of a company there are many different touch points already and the number is growing very fast. Touch points are suppliers, external service provider, social networks, fiscal authorities, web shops, banks, etc. Due to the diversity in technologies and interface definitions, Continue reading

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B1iSN in a Nutshell

SAP Business One integration for SAP NetWeaver (short: B1iSN) is the Subsidiary Integration solution, offered by SAP, to rapidly integrate SAP Business One, running in subsidiaries, branches, franchisees, etc. into its head office’s SAP Business Suite components. Continue reading

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What is B1iP?

Are you puzzled about all of the acronyms starting with B1i… around the overall B1i-platform having read / heard about elsewhere? Why not having a single and simple product to be used for integration that fits the needs? Continue reading

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SAP Business One – A Member of the SAP Family

To look through the different offerings of SAP is a simple task as all the components are well structured, carefully considered and fit together perfectly. Let’s have a short look to the SAP portfolio before we start talking about SAP Business One, running integrated into the big SAP systems. Continue reading

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