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Till now I received a lot of questions regarding B1i development as comments to my articles and I really want to thank you for so many interest. Unfortunately I do not scale anymore. Therefore we introduced now the link B1i Forum directly in the B1if administration console. You can find the link from B1if Ver. 1.10.6 in the Help menu. I would strongly recommend using this link in case of upcoming questions. SAP Solution Architects and people directly from the B1if Development are checking the entries on a regular basis.

You may have recognized already that we redesigned the way how to support you with documentation. From on B1if Ver 1.10.6 you will find in the Help menu the Online Help and the Documents. Both allow you to access the documentation in a very structured way. For your convenience you can expand/collaps subtrees to your need. The last opened view is always kept.

 The Documents link is supporting people that are used to work with print-outs. Therefore we still provide the complete documents in PDF format. The Online Help link provides a more fine grained structure to access particular information as it can link to sections inside a document. The documentation is loaded as HTML in the browser. Here we also provide a search option. You can search for 1 or many terms, separated by blank in all the document titles.

B1if also supports screen content related help. All the screens have always a short explanation of the parameters and buttons. In case you need further help, you can use the help button, always on the very left side of the button bar, to load the screen related help. This convenience feature avoids to change the screen and to search for the relevant documentation.

Please consider that the documentation is now provided in a separate zip package. The documentation will be available only if this zip is successfully imported to the B1if BizStore. In case a particular document is not yet available, the icons are displayed in grey. If the document is available, but not yet imported to your B1if, the button shows a greyed icon with a red cross to indicate the missing documentation upload.

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