Integration Packages

Since August 1st SAP newly introduced integration packages for SAP Business One to support our partners.

The first “integration package for integration with Business Suite components” is for B1iSN and offers sample integration content. The integration package is addressing partners who want to rapidly build up their demo and development system. The template approach accelerates the build-up and allows partners to rapidly create their own scenarios.

The sample integration content comprises pre-developed mapping to cover integration scenarios to integrate SAP Business One into SAP Business Suite components for the purpose of subsidiary integration. The integration content, delivered with the integration package 8.8 V01 for integration with Business Suite components, must be deployed on SAP Business One 8.8 integration for SAP NetWeaver (B1iSN).

Following scenarios are delivered in the first integration package, in order to support the integration of SAP Business One with SAP Business Suite components:

•          Meta Data Distribution – Finance
•          Customizing Data Distribution – Finance
•          Financial Consolidation Preparation to SAP NetWeaver BW
•          Financial Consolidation Preparation to File

 For more information please go to the B1iSN landing page on the SAP Partner Portal:

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