Variables, Properties & Co.

Typical Message Buses like B1iSN and B1if include a runtime and a design time which is a development environment, especially made for the needs of integration. Both the tools are supporting development entities similar to application development environments.  There are Properties, Variables, Tables and Session Documents which are helping the integration developer to structure his work efficiently. These entities allow external definition of values and handover of values between different parties during processing. Continue reading

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Communication Pattern

Interactions between systems are following the synchronous or asynchronous communication pattern. Synchronous communication is mainly covered via HTTP and handled by an Application Server, asynchronous communication is handled by a Message Hub / Message oriented Middleware (MOM). B1i is addressing both of the pattern and can be seen as a Message Bus, supporting full MOM and the integration centric part of an Application Server. Continue reading

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B1if in a Nutshell

The Business One Integration framework (B1if) is optional available for SAP Business One 8.8 (under the name B1iC) and integral part of SAP Business One 8.8.1 and higher. B1if is free of charge for all customers holding an SAP B1 license. B1if is used to connect SAP B1 to its eco system. Continue reading

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The Package Concept

Both the integration frameworks B1iSN and B1if are following the package concept. Integration content is provided in packages and each package consists out of one or many steps. Continue reading

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B1BC in a Nutshell

Growing organizations that control more than one legal business entity are sometimes faced with the challenge of how to share data between partner companies. The need for homogeneous and harmonized standardized processes that can create visibility across partner companies and operations is often a daunting task for companies. A greater concern is the need to improve control and collaboration across all partner companies. The B1BC Solution helps address these needs and more.  Continue reading

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What is B1i?

The term B1i is addressing a bundle of solutions to integrate Business Applications of SAP. 

All B1i solutions are based on a common SAP technology layer (B1iP). This layer is a break through innovation in integration to answer the typical nightmare of complexity and diversity with a strict model-driven approach. Instead of complex, high-cost implementation, it enables strong low-cost, reliable integration solutions with minimal requirements to resources and skills. Continue reading

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