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SAP’s strategy in Small Business is to evolve SAP Business One from a Business Application to a Business Platform. Therefore it’s one of the main goals to provide a Store to allow SAP and all partners to bring added-value solutions around SAP Business One to market. SAP is working on such a market place.

In the meantime as a preliminary stage, the B1i Blog opens today a Solution Directory for all people interested in B1 Integration. The idea is to support the partner community in exchanging information about integration solutions, be it valuable samples or already live running integration scenarios. Partners can enter their integration solutions in the list of the Solution Directory together with a description and contact information to allow others to contact them.

This will be a good option for all partners to look for solutions, which are required in the projects by their customers. The Solution Directory can easily be a platform to cooperate in the topic of integration. You can interact, exchange or sell/purchase solutions among each other which should be a huge benefit for all the partners and customers.

For sure – A consistent growth of solutions is the linchpin of our Solution Directory. Therefore I’d like to ask you all to enter some interesting solutions, be it B1iSN Biz Packages or B1if Scenario Packages.

Just click the menu entry ‘Solution Directory’ to check the entered solutions. By default the solutions are sorted by ‘Last update’. You can change the order by clicking the grey arrow icons (ascending or descending) of ‘Name’, ‘Product’ or ‘Category’. If you want to enter own solutions, please first sign up. You will receive immediately a confirmation email to give you access to the Solution Directory. This makes sure that each partner can maintain her/his solutions only.

It would give me great pleasure to see the Solution Directory grow and to open the varied experiences of our partners to all interested people.

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